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Driving patterns throughout the world

Countries that drive on the left (RHD vehicles)

England (Great Britain) and most of her former colonies (British Commonwealth) drive on the left. This long list includes Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, South Africa, Cyprus, Malta, Jamaica, Guyana, the Bahamas, and Samoa. Other countries that drive on the left include Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, Suriname, and Macao.

Countries that drive on the right (LHD vehicles)

North and Central American countries all drive on the right (Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rico, Panama, etc) together with many European countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and others). Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Peru, Brazil, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, North Korea, and South Korea complete the list. Far more countries (and people) drive on the right than on the left.

In other countries, there is a split system in which both right and left systems are used, depending upon the section of the country. This has been true since Hong Kong and Macao were returned to Chinese control. The Virgin Islands, a US territory, drives on the left instead of the right. The opposite is true for the British territory of Gibraltar.

Thailand and Laos drive on opposite sides of the road. There are two Thailand/Laos Friendship Bridges joining the two countries. The First Thailand/Laos Friendship Bridge has left-hand traffic. There is an area just inside Laos where traffic changes from one side to the other. Conversely, the Second Thailand/Laos Friendship Bridge has right-hand traffic. There is an area just inside Thailand where traffic changes from one side to the other.

Traffic throughout the world

Countries that drive on the left

Mazda Titan in the process of being converted from RHD to LHD

Hummer H3 converted to LHD

Why does Japan drive on the left?

In pre-modern Japan, samurai wore their swords on their left side. Samurai kept to the left so that their swords would not bang into one another when they passed going in opposite directions. This tradition continued into the age of the automobile.

During the American occupation of Japan following World War II, General MacArthur promoted the idea of pedestrians walking against the flow of traffic as a safety measure. Cars to the left and pedestrians to the right.

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