RHD to LHD steering conversion – Export arrangements

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Converting between RHD and LHD

What do you know about the business of converting automobile steering from one side to the other?

In Japan, RHD is the norm but LHD is also legal. Therefore, there is no need to change the steering on vehicles brought into Japan. But this is not true everywhere in the world. Many countries require that imported vehicles have the same steering arrangement as domestic vehicles. Our company specializes in steering conversion to meet these requirements.

Important steering conversion procedures

-Steering wheel position
-Rack and pinion exchange
-Dashboard position and repainting
-Air conditioner evaporator duct position
-Shift knob replacement
-Side mirror position and angle adjustment

Agent must be notified if vehicle is to be exported immediately after conversion.

Please feel free to ask questions.

Converted vehicles can be exported

Mazda Titan in the process of being converted from RHD to LHD

Hummer H3 converted to LHD

Used vehicles from Japan enjoy a good reputation throughout the world.

Tens of thousands of new and used Japanese vehicles – known for high quality, durability, and fuel economy – are shipped from Japan to the world every month.

Some countries require that imported vehicles be converted to left-hand drive. Other import regulations vary from country to country but those that mandate conversion of Japanese vehicles from RHD to LHD are the most important.

In recent years, Globalfs steering conversion business has grown as a result of Japanese vehicle popularity.

Global Auto Trading initiative

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Middle East countries such as Dubai and many South American countries convert imported Japanese vehicles before shipping them to a 3rd country destination. However, conversion done in Japan by Japanese mechanics ensures higher quality and greater value.

Doing the conversion in Japan eliminates the middle man. Vehicles can be shipped directly to their country of destination rather to an interim site for conversion. Shipping costs are reduced making the entire process cheaper.

Doing the conversion in Japan also allows the buyer to better evaluate vehicle quality before the vehicle is shipped.

Doing the conversion in Japan means that the vehicle exporter is responsible rather than a third party in another country.